Welcome to Aardvark Promotional Products

Welcome to Aardvark Promotional Products

Welcome to Aardvark Promotional ProductsWelcome to Aardvark Promotional ProductsWelcome to Aardvark Promotional Products

About Us

About Aardvark

Aardvark Promotional Products is dedicated to providing the best possible products for business promotions.  Having contact with  hundreds promotional companies, we have the ability to do extensive research to find the product  you want.  You will also receive best pricing.

You have the opportunity to do your own research by gong to  Zoom Catalogs where you will be directed to hundreds of catalogs where you can find the right product just for your.  Once you have  found your product of interest, contact Aardvark Promos for the best pricing.

Our Customer Service

Aardvark customer service is based on a " one-on-one" format.  You will talk to a representative who will answer your questions, do the product research you require and who will personally work on your order.  Your call  will not be transferred.

Why would you want to go to someone else.

We can be contacted at 

Why Us?

I am sure  you have heard the term "Swag".  To understand its importance, you have to know the meaning.  

(Swag:  money, valuables;  free merchandise distributed as part of the promotion of a  product, company,  etc)

If  you want to promote your product or company, you have to reach out to the internet to find the particular swag that will benefit you.

Aardvark Promotional  Products is where you should begin.

Though we are a small company, the promotional companies that I have contact with are, likely, the same as the ones other internet promotional product companies use.

Call us or email us and find out for yourself. 

To hear about new products available for business promotions:

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Take the first step, and contact us to discuss your marketing and business goals. Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.

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